The best slots to use your free spins on

There’s a reason why free spins no deposit bonuses remain one of the most popular deals within the online casino domain. Slot titles are incredibly popular and have been for some time, as players on slot games have won many of the biggest jackpots in casino history. As a result, a lot of free spins no deposit deals are aimed at these types of titles, and three of them stand out in particular, as Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck 2, and Burning Desire are games that have players talking.


Using a free spins no deposit required bonus requires more than a bit of luck that’s for sure. The habits you cultivate as a gambler will go a long ways towards determining how effectively you use your free spins bonuses – just keeping a level head and spreading your risk across many titles will go a long ways towards ensuring that you get the full value out of them. That, and fully understanding all of the terms and conditions, online casinos are counting on you not to read all of the terms in place. This is how people get roped into overcoming a 99x-wagering requirement or striking a jackpot with a free spin that has a cashout limit of £50. The page lists loads of free slots offers at popular UK casino sites, and is a good portal to use because they also list all the important conditions that each bonus comes with.

Arming yourself with all of the data and facts is a critical part of the process, and doing so will help you strike it rich, free of charge. I’m going to go more in-depth with the three aforementioned titles, because these commonly pop up in discussions concerning the use of free spins.


In spite of the game’s age, Thunderstruck continues to remain enduringly popular. Its biggest payout in 2015 was over £750,000 – a fortune by anybody’s standards. While it still stands in the shadow of the 2010 sequel, a lot of gamblers still swear by the quality and reliability of this veteran title. Thunderstruck is always a solid choice for free spin bonuses.

Thunderstruck 2

Thunderstruck 2 was released six years ago, yet it remains one of the most popular and beloved slot titles on the internet. Nearly every major casino will have this progressive jackpot title available, and it’s not hard to see why, the graphics are solid, the gameplay is simple yet addictive, and the prizes are eye-popping, as some guy managed to win over £850,000 by playing it. That being said, you can’t go wrong by using a free spins no deposit required bonus on Thunderstruck 2.


Burning Desire

If the previous two jackpot sums caught your attention, you’ll be hard-pressed to believe that this game paid out a £949,000 jackpot last year. Yes, somebody almost became a millionaire from this title alone. The size of the jackpot is partially attributable to the relatively low odds of victory, making this a prime target for free spin deals.

Other games with free bonuses

Slot machines are by far the game that is most used when it comes to free bonuses. But in close second comes online bingo, which is a game that is very popular among casino players. If you’re getting a bit tired of spinning the slots all day, it can be a good idea to check out, where you’ll find some of the hottest bingo offers on the market. Bingo offers a great contrast to the world of slots, as bingo is a social game where you can make friends in the chat rooms while you’re enjoying the thrills of the game!

Spin away!

These titles should never be the only ones you look out, with so many new titles being released in a year; you never know what you might find in terms of payouts and odds of success. As of the time of writing these were the three most lucrative titles out on the market, but there’s a good chance that more have cropped up since then. Your online casino portal is a great source to finding free spins. These days, you can tons of free spins – use what’s available to make the best decision as to how to use your free spins. The above titles are still great options, but there’s more out there that hasn’t been covered here.

Good luck, and happy hunting!